Partecipation at SATurdaze -an autonomous temporary space

on 17th and 18th of december 2016 in Via Lanzone 23, Milan


an article about SATURDAZE on


Virtuosa 2016 event


Our scarves and stoles are now for sale on

an online market for unique pieces and small productions

Have a look to see always our new pieces:


You can find our scarves at Virtuosa 2015 


We participated at SOS Bambini from 27th- 30th of November 2015 in Via dell'Orso 16, Milan


The new workshop which will be held in May 2015 "When wool meets silk"

where you can learn how to do your own stole in nuno felt.

Our "fuori fuori salone" event on April 17th at L'Isa in Via Jacopo Dal Verme 2, Milan

Participation at the first edition of  "Alimenta il futuro" on April 12th, 2015 -

market dedicated to nature, handcraft and sustainability at oratorio San Simpliciano,

Via dei Chiostri 8, Milan


This scarf of ours was shown at:

Milano Unica- international textile fair in Milan, February 4-6, 2015

Premiere Vision- premier fabric show in Paris, February 10-12, 2015

Find us at L'Isa Accessories Shop in Via Jacopo dal Verme 2, Isola, Milan

Our TEA TIME event in December 2014 in Via Pastrengo, Milan


Participation at mercato Fondaco, Novembre 28- December 4, 2014, at Studio Zeta, Milan

From Beirut to Berlin

Made in Milan

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