One from Beirut the other from Berlin, 

too different from each other to work as a team and that's the beauty of it.

After meeting in Milan, discovering that we have the same educational background 

-both studied Visual Arts and Fashion Design- 

our label: "From B to B" was born.

Our passion for textile, the love for uniqueness and the artisan work, led us to work as a creative team. We don't follow trends.

We produce only unique and one of a kind pieces! 

Currently, we are creating hand made felted scarves with very precious fabrics and fibres, next who knows…enjoy!

Rana Feghaly uses painting, sculpture and clothing design to produce objects or installations interested in the urban environment and political realities.

Her multidisciplinary approach to art derives from the fact that she pursuits two bachelor degrees (Fine Arts from the Lebanese University in Beirut and Fashion And Textile Design from NABA in Milan.) Rana uses autobiographical themes and a feminist approach to fashion as well as environment friendly material. 

Laura Guilda Grote uses and creates mostly fabrics that are particular in the way they have been treated to develop her dresses or art pieces. She is inspired by the female handcraft and different art genres for her designs and installations. Often the use of video and moving image emphasizes her work. She received her Bachelor in Fashion And Textile Design from NABA and is currently pursuing the Master Degree in Decoration Visual Arts at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, Milan.

From Beirut to Berlin

Made in Milan

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